Born in 1975 in Cambridgshire, with no formal art training I am a self taught artist.

My work is inspired by the ever changing climate, and it's temperamental effects on our land, sea, sky, and urban landscapes. My paintings evolve from sketches, memories and the wonder of nature; rolling seas and moody moorlands,smog ridden city scapes with light that streams between buildings,and clouds that cast shadows against tower blocks. I use a multitude of tools from brushes, old rags and pallet knives, to ink brayers and old bank cards. Scratching into the paint, dissolving with solvents, in fact, anything to achieve the image I desire. Despite sometimes having obvious reference points my work carries the weight of abstraction constantly evolving until I reach the stage I can put it to rest and leave my audience to dissect the marks, mysteries and mistakes and invite the veiwer to fall into each scene whether its a coastal landscape or a  city scape. I use all sorts of media in my work, but particulary enjoy working with classic oil paints.  I am happy to consider any commissions regardless of the subject matter, within reason.


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